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Kapistoni Winery - Chinebuli Qvevri Natural Wine NV (750ml)

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Producer Kapistoni Winery
Country Georgia
Region Kartli
Varietal Chinuri
Sku 4869002019320
Size 750ml

Tasting Notes:

Light to medium body amber wine. Multi-faceted and multi-layered aromas of green apples, yellow-fleshed apricots and grated citrus peels. Fresh almonds, ground white pepper, melted acacia honey and floral nuances of delicate cherry blossoms on the nose. Dry, nutty and with a characteristic tannin structure, the it reaches the palate with exceptional notes of pickled walnuts, fresh almonds and grated peels of green lemons that has a long-lasting delicate finish.

Food Pairing:

Excellent choice with white meet seafood (calamari, squid, oysters, lobster, crab, seabass, dorado, fresh river trout etc), grilled chicken and veal, green salads, cheese pasta and young cheeses. 

Storage and Serving Recommendations:

Store between 5 - 14 degrees Celsius. Serve between 14 - 20 degrees Celsius

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